About Us

Our Company

Watertech Bath Products, a family owned business started in 1985 in Johnson City, Tennessee when my brother and I produced our very first whirlpool bath. Now three decades later the business that started in the corner of an old tobacco warehouse has grown from selling to local builders, plumbers and home owners into a nationally recognized brand sold by plumbing suppliers and home centers.

Ben and I grew up working every summer in our Father’s building and developing company.  We learned the business from the ground up and our Dad was tough on us but without a doubt it was the best education we have ever received.

After graduating from college we became licensed general contractors specializing in building custom designed homes.  Our clients frequently requested a whirlpool bath to be included in the design.  At that time, Jacuzzi was about the only brand available! They were very expensive with limited sizes and shapes to choose from.  This gave Ben and I the idea of starting our own whirlpool bath company and as the old adage says “build a better mouse trap and people will buy it!”  We saw an opportunity and pursued it.

When we started Watertech we discovered, as many privately owned business’ have, to be successful you must constantly evolve, be flexible and incorporate the newest technology into the products you are manufacturing.

We realize that every person and/or building project is different with different needs. When you call our customer help line you will find our staff to be very knowledgeable and can also answer questions about construction, plumbing, electrical, etc. Our main focus is to help you! We understand that not everyone is going to buy a Watertech whirlpool but if you need assistance, we will help you any way we can.

Our website is constantly being updated with new information as new products, components and options are being developed.  Massage bathtubs have come a long way in thirty years and more and more people understand the benefits of a hydrotherapy massage.  Our website has a lot of factual information that you will find interesting and need to understand  to make a good buying decision.

Quite frankly not all brands are the same nor do they have the same quality components and workmanship.  Sometimes the information you are given can be misleading, so if you do a little research about the product the better decision you can make about your purchase.

We are extremely proud of the fact that each custom, handcrafted bath is made here in our hometown and we do not outsource any part of the manufacturing process overseas.  Anyone interested in seeing how an acrylic bath is made is welcome to visit our plant.  Our employees enjoy talking to visitors and explaining what part of the manufacturing process they are performing. We also have a manufacturing video online that shows our entire process.  Our toll free customer service number (1-800-289-8827) is for anyone wanting to talk directly to us and when you call you will be greeted by a real person not an answering machine or recorded message.  Office hours are Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm EST.

Peter Paduch

Our Company Philosophy

Our company philosophy is to build only the highest quality product, provide unmatched customer service and treat each customer and employee as you would like to be treated.  Everyone at Watertech takes an active role in the operation of our company making sure the quality of our products are exceptional and making sure our customers are our #1 priority. Watertech’s philosophy stands true more than 30 years of business by:


  • Building a quality product.
  • Providing excellent customer service.
  • And, treat each customer as you would like to be treated.
Company Abilities

ALL of Watertech’s products are made in the USA.  We do not outsource any part of our manufacturing process to overseas locations, a claim some of the other major brands cannot make.  As experience has shown, products made in the USA are far superior to those assembled overseas.




Founder of Watertech and president of the company, Pete is a licensed general contractor that was selected by the state of Tennessee to design and build the first observation and assessment center for youth development in Tennessee.  Pete designed Watertech’s Elite series of whirlpool baths with top overflow drains.  He is active in the community and has served on numerous city boards.  Pete has also served as an elected city commissioner in Johnson City, TN from 1995-2007 and as served as vice mayor and mayor from 1999-2005.


Sales manager, corporate account representative, and executive assistant. Shane has been a part of the Watertech staff for over 10 years. Shane started his career with Watertech in production and manufacturing which gives him a wealth of knowledge of the entire bath industry.


Human Resource manager and first employee of Watertech.  Coordinates company’s safety program.


Coordinates all shipping of Watertech products.  Mo has extensive knowledge in quality control, purchasing and customer service over his 28 years with Watertech.


Tico is Watertech’s mascot.  He is bi-lingual and heads up security and customer relations at Watertech!


Digital media manager, Graphic designer, and Webmaster. Chris has been with the company for just over 4 years. His background includes plumbing supervisor for new school construction nationwide with a history in plumbing that reaches all the way back to 2002!