Watertech Whirlpool Baths Color Palette


All Watertech Bath Products are made of Cast Acrylic, the premier material for bathtubs and shower bases. With a Watertech cast acrylic tub you will be getting the highest quality product with a Lifetime warranty.

Today many baths are made of ABS Plastic with a thin coating of acrylic, not 1/8 inch cast acrylic. Using ABS plastic with a thin 1/144 inch thick top veneer coating dramatically reduces the tubs cost and the manufacturer can still advertise their product as acrylic to help sell it. If purchasing a tub or shower base that is hundreds of dollars less than another tub of comparable size, be assured the cheaper product is probably made of ABS plastic/acrylic.

Cast acrylic was developed for bathware! ABS plastic was developed for computer keyboards, power tool housings, Lego toys etc. ABS plastic is not an abrasive resistant material or non-porous, cast acrylic is, which is why a thin top coat is applied to ABS plastic.

Cast acrylic colors run completely through the material and is not painted, dyed, stained, sprayed on or a veneer top coat! If a bath or shower pan made of cast acrylic is ever damaged, a refinishing technician can make permanent repairs. ABS plastic/acrylic products are difficult to repair and have a short life span. Remember a bath or shower pan is a permanent part of your home and not easily replaced. We suggest consumers research what a tub or shower pan is made of before making a purchase.

Material Comparisons

Characteristic Lucite         Cast Acrylic ABS plastic                thin acrylic veneer

1. Sanitary Thickness                 1/8th” (.125 – .157 )                 1/144th” ( .005)

2. Usable Life                       LIFETIME WARRANTY               Unknown

3. Color Fastness           Thru entire 1/8th” thickness       Only 1/144th” thickness

4. Surface Appearance           High Gloss Semi                           Gloss

5. Initial Cost                               Moderate Low                            Cost

6. Reparability                                Excellent                            Questionable

7. Porosity                                      Non-Porous                 ABS plastic is porous

8. Overall                                         Value HIGH                           POOR

Colors depicted on this page are for identification purposes only. Because of color variances in computer resolutions, WaterTech cannot guarantee that all of its products will match the display on this page.

If ordering a marble, granite, or designer color, you may request a color sample prior to purchase.

Call for pricing and availability

Marble, granite and designer colors are non-returnable.

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