“Best Whirlpool bath 2017”


Watertech was awarded the consumer digest “Best Buy” Because ..

At Watertech ALL of our tubs are built with the same high quality components. No fancy gimmicks, just good, down-home business sense. We build a quality product and sell it to the consumer at a fair price.

Other manufacturers cut costs by cutting quality,  limiting selection and generally offering poor value.

At Watertech we make only ONE line of state–of–the–art Acrylic Whirlpool baths.

The same parts and materials go into every tub we make. We realize that a whirlpool tub is a permanent fixture in your home.  That’s why we will never compromise quality!  That’s why Consumer Digest presented us with a “Best Buy” Award for outstanding quality and value!

Bath Products award

Best Whrilpool and airbath