Custom Design Services for Whirlpools

WaterTech Bath Products has a long history of providing custom design services to include new products for resorts, hotels, and individual custom homes. Our full service team of designers, engineers, artisans, and master mold makers allows us to develop exciting new custom shapes and sizes to fit the requirements of most any project or individual need.

Here’s how it works:

  • Contact Watertech to discuss what you want.
  • Schedule a conference call
  • WaterTech provides preliminary cost estimate
  • Conference call and in depth exchange of information
  • Rendering provided by WaterTech
  • Final drawing prepared
  • Contract drawn for review and legal ownership of mold and production rights established
  • Contract signed and project begins

WaterTech recognized that continuous refinement and changes in the mold are part of the process and WaterTech is always available to discuss your ideas and incorporate them in the design when possible.

Previous Custom Baths

  • Special European Whirlpool Bath for a custom home.
  • Acrylic Air Baths for Tower Condominiums
  • 7 ½ foot long whirlpool/airbath for professional athletes custom home
  • Solid Surface European massage baths with remote blower location
  • Extra deep whirlpool bath and multiple jets for the treatment of a medical condition