The New 6636 free standing bath tub

Watertech has received numerous requests for a free standing bathtub that is slightly longer than 60” in length. So we have developed a new free standing that is 66” in length and 36 “ in width. A size that fits easily into most bathrooms. This extra deep soaking bath has an abundance of internal width and extended legroom. We also incorporated an area to mount a faucet and handheld spray on the top deck of the tub, this design feature eliminates the high cost of a floor mounted free standing faucet that often cots more than the free standing bath.

The tub sweeping elliptical shape will be the focal point of any bath. The bathtubs hard non-porous acrylic surface insures the tub will be easy to clean and that the color will never fade.

This freestanding soaking bathtub also allows for the addition of an optional deep soak drain assembly that allows the tub to be filled to the top of the tubs deck which is approximately 4” deeper than the tub with a standard drain assembly.

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