WaterTech Walk-in Bath

WaterTech’s Walk-in bath with inward swinging door allows people, with mobility issues, to access the bath without having to step over the bathtub side.  The walk-in bath can also be installed and double as a shower.  Walk-in baths can be ordered as a soaker, whirlpool, air or combination whirlpool/air bath that we call a “combo bath”. Numerous options are available such as an in-line heater, heated seat, deep soak drain, quick drain system, and custom pump/blower locations.  These are just a few options available to customize your tub.  All walk-in baths and accessories come with a lifetime warranty. A large seat is designed into each bath to allow the bather to sit comfortably without having to lower themselves to the tubs floor.  All walk-in baths come with a free cable drain assembly that is easy to open and close with just a twist of the overflow cap located at the foot end of the tub near the top of the bathing well. The foot end of the tub was designed to allow most faucets to be mounted on the tub itself.  A front panel can be removed after installation to allow access to the underneath side of the bath, should service to the pump/blower ever be needed.WaterTech’s walk-in bath can be built-in or installed as a free-standing tub.  Putting a walk-in tub in a new home or renovation is becoming more and more popular, as people plan for the future and anticipate mobility problems that may be an issue someday for a family member. Today we see many walk-in tubs that are imported that are of questionable quality.  We highly recommend anyone considering purchasing a walk-in bath to review our walk-in bath information to see and read the components WaterTech uses as opposed to other brands.


WaterTech is a family owned manufacturing company that for 30 years has provided quality bath products from our plant located in Johnson City, TN.  We also provide a free customer help line 1-888-795-7480 for anyone to ask questions or obtain technical help.  Our office hours are Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm EST.


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