The only company that offers the option of adding or moving the jets. One interchangeable pulsating jet supplied with each bath.

1. 3 speed control allows adjustment of jet massage intensity (high, medium, low).

2. High gloss, non-porous acrylic shell. Lifetime Warranty.

3. Wide array of colors available including exclusive marble and granite selections.

4. Custom pump and blower placement available for all models for accessibility. 7 amp and 9 amp High Pressure Pumps and 1High Pressure Blowers are standard and carry a Lifetime Warranty.

5. Air intake valve is installed at each jet which maximizes jet pressure.

6. Rigid PVC pipe for all waterlines insures pipes drain 100% which insures a clean, sanitary system. No sagging pipes to trap water when the bath is emptied.

7. Air injectors with integral watertight check valves, valves open and close when blower is turned on or off. Water never enters any part of the air system. Each injector has 7 air ports. Injectors can be serviced from inside the tub. Slim-line injectors are virtually flush with the floor.

8. Air manifold with integral watertight check valve provides each injector with the same air pressure. Manifold’s check valve also provides secondary protection for the blower should an injector malfunction.

9.PVC air lines carry air from manifold to each injector insuring peak performance. Air lines stay clean, dry and hygienic, unlike air channel systems with drilled holes.

10. 1 High Pressure heated blower, variable speed blower with drying/purge cycle. Lifetime Warranty.

11. Proprietary steel reinforced floor and motor mounting platforms.

12.Certified to U.L. and ANSI standards.

1. Single air control supplies air to all the jets and produces irregular jet pressure. NO option for moving or adding jets. NO pulsating jet supplied.
NO custom pump placement option is available. Smaller pumps and limited to no warranty.

2. Tub floor is supported with wood or plastic which will warp and flex. This leads to noise, cracks and leaks.

3. Flexible vinyl water lines sag and trap water when the bath is emptied. Vinyl lines are not code compliant and can result in leaks.

4. No injectors, no watertight check valves. Injectors are replaced by drilling holes through the tub floor into a glued-on air channel cavity.

5. Air channel floods when the tub is filling or the blower is off. Channel traps water after each use. Blowers automatic drying/purge cycle doesn’t remove all trapped water and trapped water is unhygienic. Glued on air channel can only be serviced or cleaned by removing the entire tub.

6. Channel system has no check valve protection or air manifold. Uneven air pressure. Blower is often not heated or variable speed and extremely loud.