Customer Comments

Here are just a few of the letter we have received from our many satisfied customers. . .

5 out of 5

We bought a Watertech C7236 Elite Combo Tub. After spending over 10 hours looking at various bathtub manufacturers on the internet and checking out local shops, we decided on this beautiful Watertech tub. Anyone buying a tub really needs to sit in a tub and then measure how much width and length you want as well as height inside the tub. And arm rests to some of us are mandatory..or you will wish you had them! Watertech has it all. And this has about 19 inches from bottom of tub to the overflow, significantly higher than almost all other tubs as a result of the excellent drafted overflow valve being specially located horizontally on top! My wife and I can lay in it and feel like it was designed for us specifically, and not feel cramped. Also with both air and water jets we feel like we bought the best choice in options, selecting both. With our added waterfall faucet, 5 piece set, the tub has the looks of a million dollar home and the compliments never end. Furthermore, the customer service is super. Watertech even called back on a Saturday and answered questions I had on the installation with our installer. Why Watertech? First, when you want arm rests, and then look at the options on bathtubs to fit our bodies comfortably when you search the market for a 72 inch by 36 inch wide tub , the options are very few. Most don’t have arm rests, or are extra wide or too short. And even though we live on the West Coast, the choice was easy: purchase what was perfect. Thus, Watertech’s selection options are the best. And when a piece was needed, Watertech sent out the piece immediately. Thanks again for your wonderful service. Richard & Laurie in Tacoma Washington.

Richard & Laurie in Tacoma Washington
5 out of 5

During our master bath remodel, we ordered a combo bath tub from your company through Lowes. Over a week or two period we had questions regarding options and functions of the tub we were interested in. After the tub was installed, the air bath blower switch was faulty. We were able to increase the air pressure, but not decrease it. Another call to your company to see if we were operating it correctly, something was broke, or it was just operating as it should. Another phone call, another patient representative on the other end. We explained our problem and he matter of factly said; “Don’t worry about it, it sounds like a faulty switch, and we’ll just drop another one in the mail today.” I gave him my name and address, and that was it. Although I ordered it through Lowes, and you really wouldn’t have any of MY information in your system, without hesitation you fixed or problem, no questions asked. I called a few days later to check on the status of our part and we were told it should be there tomorrow. It was, we installed it and works like a charm. It is costumer service like this that not only makes us glad that we chose your company, but recommending you to anyone else, is hands down an easy decision. It is costumer service like this that not only makes us glad that we chose your company, but recommending you to anyone else, is hands down an easy decision. It’s easy to complain when something goes wrong, but it’s just important to recognize and praise a job well done. And with that sir, we give you high praise for making our experience with your company effortless.