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Framing Examples and Installation Instructions

Framing Examples and Installation Instructions


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Types of Whirlpool installations:

3 Wall Alcove – This type of installation requires a rectangular bath. The tub is installed against 3 walls. A removeable skirt is also installed to cover and protect the tub’s pump, and whirlpool systems. There are 2 optional styles of skirts available wood or acrylic. If the bath is going to function as a shower, choose a tub that has vertical sides near the drain end. Avoid tubs that are oval or have raised seating for safety.

Drop In / Deck Mount – This type of installation can be any shape you choose. A tub deck is created from various materials including tile, marble and sealed wood with a cutout in the center to allow the tub to be set inside for final installation.

Undermount – This type of installation requires a bath with a flat rim and can be any shape. The bath edge is mounted under the deck material making the rim of the bath invisible. When selecting this type of installation be sure to allow for the electronic controls to be installed in a location that won’t interfere with the under mounting.

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