Physical Therapy Tubs

Physical Therapy Tubs

Innovative design and functionality for those seeking the ultimate therapeutic benefit.


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6032PTB Air Bath6032PTB Air Bath
6032PTB Air Bath Sale price$5,332.00
6032PTB Combination Bath6032PTB Combination Bath
6032PTB Combination Bath Sale price$5,832.00
6032PTB Whirlpool Bath6032PTB Whirlpool Bath
6032PTB Whirlpool Bath Sale price$4,995.00
6036PTB Air Bath6036PTB Air Bath
6036PTB Air Bath Sale price$5,461.00
6036PTB Combination Bath6036PTB Combination Bath
6036PTB Combination Bath Sale price$5,961.00
6036PTB Whirlpool Bath6036PTB Whirlpool Bath
6036PTB Whirlpool Bath Sale price$5,045.00
6632PTB Air Bath6632PTB Air Bath
6632PTB Air Bath Sale price$5,470.00
6632PTB Combination Bath6632PTB Combination Bath
6632PTB Combination Bath Sale price$5,970.00
6632PTB Whirlpool Bath6632PTB Whirlpool Bath
6632PTB Whirlpool Bath Sale price$5,095.00
6642PTB Air Bath
6642PTB Air Bath Sale price$5,485.00
6642PTB Combination Bath
6642PTB Combination Bath Sale price$5,985.00
6642PTB Whirlpool Bath
6642PTB Whirlpool Bath Sale price$5,145.00
7236PTB Air Bath7236PTB Air Bath
7236PTB Air Bath Sale price$5,495.00
7236PTB Combination Bath7236PTB Combination Bath
7236PTB Combination Bath Sale price$5,995.00
7236PTB Whirlpool Bath7236PTB Whirlpool Bath
7236PTB Whirlpool Bath Sale price$5,195.00