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Limited Lifetime Warranty on WaterTech Whirlpool Baths

Limited Lifetime Warranty on WaterTech Whirlpool Baths

WARRANTY COVERAGE: Watertech Whirlpool Bath (the “Company”) offers the following expressed limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of any Watertech Whirlpool Bath who purchases the Bath for personal or single family residential use (“user”): The Company will repair or replace, at the sole option, the Bath or its equipment in accordance with the following terms and conditions.


LIFETIME WARRANTY ON BATHS: The Company extends to the original purchaser of the Bath a non-transferable limited warranty that the shell will maintain its structural integrity and configuration and be free of water loss due to a defect in the tub shell. The warranty covers only the tub shell and the manufacturer installed pump. Our limited warranty on options and accessories is for one year. Warranty coverage begins on the date the option or accessory was originally purchased by the user.


WARRANTY LIMITATIONS: Our limited warranty does not cover defects, damage, or failure caused by the common carrier, installer, user, or other persons, pets, or rodents, or resulting from, without limitation, any of the following: careless handling (lifting unit by plumbing, abrading finish, etc) including its own negligence; modification of any type for any reason (including specifications provided with the unit): connections supplied by the installer of the equipment; improper voltage supply or unit without specified minimum amount of water or at inappropriate water temperature; use of abrasive or improper cleaners; or acts of God, such as lightning, floods, earthquakes, etc. In addition, THE COMPANY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTAL DAMAGES or losses arising from the cause (e.g. water damage to carpet, ceiling, tiles, marble, loss of use, etc).This limited warranty does not include: labor, transportation, or other costs incurred in the removal and/or installation of the original unit and/or installation of a replacement (unit; any costs relating to obtaining access for repair; or loss of use damage, including loss of sales, profit or business advantage of any kind under any circumstances. Warranty coverage is provided in the United States of America.


RESPONSIBILITIES OF OTHERS: Inspecting the unit prior to installation is the responsibility of the installer or building contractor who acts on behalf of the user. They are responsible for ensuring the unit is free of defect or damage. Notices are placed on and in the unit and on the shipping carton advising the installer of this responsibility. In the event of a problem, the unit must not be installed. The Company is not responsible for failures or damage that could have been discovered, repaired, or avoided by proper inspection and testing (including proper water testing) prior to installation and before final enclosure failure to do so voids warranty.

Damage occurring in transit is the responsibility of the carrier. The user or installer MUST open the crate and inspect the unit for damage when it is delivered. If damage is discovered, it must be reported immediately to the seller and the carrier. Your freight claims should be filed promptly thereafter.

It is the responsibility of the installer, building contractor, or user to provide access for service. The Company is not responsible for any costs relating to obtaining access for repair. The user shall bear such costs and, if appropriate, must seek recovery from the installer.

Damage occurring to the unit during installation is the responsibility of the installer and/or building contractor and damage occurring thereafter is the responsibility of the user. For the customer’s benefit, the Company maintains a list of independent service personnel to perform required warranty service repairs. Such firms are not agents or representatives of the Company and cannot bind the Company by words or conduct.

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