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Our customer oriented, family-owned business has been manufacturing premium acrylic whirlpool, air, combination and soaking drop-in bathtubs for over three decades.
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Customers deserve the opportunity to work directly with the manufacturer to ensure they make an informed decision. Our long-tenured customer service team consisting of Moe, Kenny, Dustin, Jamey, and Pete have decades of experience helping customers select the perfect tub. They are an invaluable resource and just a phone call away.

American Made

WaterTech bathtubs are manufactured at the Company’s 50,000 sq. ft plant in Johnson City, TN. We are proud of our American Heritage and keeping jobs onshore in the United States.

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Buying direct empowers customers by eliminating unnecessary middlemen, enabling them to purchase WaterTech's innovative solutions directly, fostering transparency and personalized customer experiences.

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WaterTech's expert logistics network allows for economical and swift delivery of our products, saving both time and money.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

John S.

Top Notch Communication

"WaterTech took my call and provided me a comprehensive, yet simple overview of the models and types of tubs they offered. Additionally, they educated me on the relevant accessories and features I would be most interested in.....all while explaining it in Layman's Terms."

Mary U.

Amazing Staff!

"All the staff at WaterTech were amazing to work with. I love their customer service and the fact that they call back and go over your complete order to make sure you got everything the way you wanted it. Would highly recommend purchasing!"

Joshua A.

Great Education!

"WaterTech educated me on some great additional features, some of which I purchased to make what I think will be a great product even better. No pressure, just great customer service. Looking forward to getting an excellent tub to finish off my home remodel."

John B.


I'm a very tall guy and I fit just fine! It was very difficult to install in the corner with a window on each side but all your suggestions/upgrades were right on point. It is an amazing tub. I should be your authorized installer in this area and definitely your greatest advocate. I appreciate your help and wanted to let you and everyone there how much I enjoy the tub and appreciate you guys!

Jean R.

WaterTech was very available

We purchased the double whirlpool tub number 6043 because of the size,  59 3/4 x 42 3/4. Over sized but not crazy big to require a larger water heater. We also ended up getting the air bath included and purchased the inline heater.The tub itself is very comfortable. Some oversized tubs are known to have too much room so you can’t brace yourself against any of it if you are short.  I am 5’4”, my husband 6’. The slant at the backs  is perfect. The jets are placed wisely.