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Elite VS. Designer Series

Elite VS. Designer Series

What is our Elite series?

In keeping with our unmatched legacy of innovative quality products and personal service, WaterTech is pleased to be the only company to design and manufacture a TOP overflow bath we call the elite series. By designing the baths overflow into the top deck of the tub instead of the standard side wall location, we have increased the baths maximum water depth by 4 to 6 inches. This increased water depth allows for a full body massage with multiple back, neck, feet and body jets. The design of the Elite series bath also increases the leg room and width by 2 to 4 inches compared to other whirlpool baths of similar sizes.

  • Top overflow design produces 4 to 6 inches additional water depth
  • LIFETIME warranty on all Elite model baths
  • Multiple recessed back jets.
  • Extra deep bathing area
  • Three speed control
  • 3HP pump
  • Fully adjustable jets – direction/pressure
  • Steel reinforced floor
  • High gloss durable Lucite acrylic
  • Rigid PVC waterlines – U.L. certified for 100% drainage


What is our Designer series?

Designer baths come in a variety of elegant shapes and sizes. NO detail goes unaddressed so you get nothing less than the most comfortable therapeutic and relaxing bathing experience: extended leg room, sculptured arm rests, pillows and integral grab bars are only a few of the features offered. Each bath’s extra deep bathing area provides a maximum water depth, a feature ordinary whirlpools typically don’t have. Jets, air injectors and patented European jets are placed in a variety of configurations creating a luxury whirlpool experience.

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