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WaterTech Was Very Available at All Times

WaterTech Was Very Available at All Times
We purchased the double whirlpool tub number 6043 because of the size,  59 3/4 x 42 3/4. Over sized but not crazy big to require a larger water heater. We also ended up getting the air bath included and purchased the inline heater.
The tub itself is very comfortable. Some oversized tubs are known to have too much room so you can’t brace yourself against any of it if you are short.  I am 5’4”, my husband 6’. The slant at the backs  is perfect. The jets are placed wisely.
Our 62 gallon hot water tank can handle it with both of us in it.
We are pleased with the strength of the jets, happy that the pressure at each jet  is adjustable and can even be independently turned off completely.
The WaterTech Company was very available at all times that we needed their advice and instructions. They were patient and knowledgeable. We are very glad we decided to go with this brand and this exact tub.
- Jean R.

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