6043 Whirlpool Bathtub

Sale price$1,900.00

This 60 in. x 43 in. acrylic whirlpool bathtub creates bathing for two in a tub that won't overwhelm your bathroom's floor space. By narrowing the deck, we've utilized every inch of space to make a tub that seats two bathers in comfort. Each bather has a reclined back rest with three recessed jets, plus three more jets a piece to reach hips, thighs, calves, and feet. All jets can be adjusted for direction and pressure, so each bather's experience can be customized. Its trim size and rectangular shape mean it can easily fit into a bathroom alcove with a shower installed overhead.

Made in America.
Tub Color: Biscuit

Features and Specs


  • 12 hydrotherapy jets, fully adjustable for pressure and direction
  • Fully adjustable 9 amp whirlpool pump (upgrade available – see accessories)
  • Equipped with rubber cushioned motor mounts to minimize sound
  • Whirlpool plumbed with rigid schedule 40 PVC
  • Variable speed control included
  • Scratch resistant, non-porous .125 in. thick Acrylic. Thickest in the industry
  • Galvanized steel reinforced tub base
  • Optional Heater available (see Accessories)
  • WaterTECH promotes the use of bath oils, bubble bath, and other bath products
  • Molded in Texture, slip resistant tub floor for added safety
  • Side Drain


  • Dimensions: 60 in. x 43 in.
  • If custom pump location is needed call WaterTECH at 800-289-8827
  • Water capacity: varies according to size of bather
  • Shipping weight: 150 lbs.



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