Watertech Advantage

Watertech Advantage

The biggest difference between a whirlpool bath and air bath is the type of massage it provides. Whirlpool baths provide a high-pressure, aggressive deep tissue and joint massage. Whirlpools are...

QualityWhirlpool Baths Safe & Sanitary

Whirlpool Baths Safe & Sanitary

The question we are often asked is, “are whirlpool tubs constructed to stay clean and sanitary”? YES!  But only if they have rigid piping on them as all WaterTech baths have.  Any quality whirlpoo...

Qualitygalvanized steel base

Watertech incorporates a galvanized steel base into the construction of all our tub floor

Watertech strives to provide the highest quality bath products on the market. Our unwavering commitment to excellence means using only top-quality components. There are several elements that separ...