Watertech Advantage

Watertech Advantage

The biggest difference between a whirlpool bath and air bath is the type of massage it provides. Whirlpool baths provide a high-pressure, aggressive deep tissue and joint massage. Whirlpools are often found in hospitals, athletic training rooms and physical therapy facilities. A whirlpool bath is extremely beneficial in treating muscle sprains, damaged joints, back problems and aches and pains that arise from time to time as we age. Both The New England Journal of Medicine and National Arthritis Foundation have recognized and endorsed the benefits of whirlpool baths (hydrotherapy) in the enhancement of circulation, which is very important to anyone suffering from the affects of arthritis and diabetes.

Why Watertech?

WaterTech Whirlpool

  1. Our tubs are manufactured in the United States with premium materials and components. Many competitor products arrive by the thousands on a crate from mass produced factories overseas.
  2. We offer customers the option of adding or moving jet locations.
  3. Speed control allows simultaneous adjustment of jet massage intensity (high, medium, and low); additionally, each jet can be manually adjusted to allow customized pressure.
  4. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our tubs, including the pump and/or blower. Our tubs are made to last, and we stand by our quality for a lifetime.
  5. Custom pump location available for all models. Place the pump where you need it for accessibility.
  6. The only manufacturer that provides a galvanized steel reinforced floor and motor mounting platform.
  7. Automatic air valve is installed at each jet which maximizes jet pressure.
  8. Rigid PVC pipe for all waterlines ensures pipes drain 100% which for a clean, sanitary system. No sagging pipes to trap water when the bath is emptied. Certified to U.L. and ANSA standards.
  9. Our customer service team has decades of experience selling our premium tubs and can discuss with you the best options for your needs. Just a phone call away.

Other Whirlpool Bathtubs

Other WhirlPool Tub


  1. Single air control supplies air to all the jets and produces irregular jet pressure.
  2. No option for moving or adding extra jets.
  3. No custom pump locations, with smaller pumps, and limited warranty.
  4. Tub floor is supported with wood or plastic which will warp and flex.This leads to noise, cracks and leaks.
  5. Flexible vinyl lines sag and trap water when the bath is emptied. Vinyl lines are not code compliant and are clamped on not glued to each jet which again is not code compliant and can result in leaks.

Customer Service

WaterTech’s professional staff can be contacted on our Customer Help Line 1-800-289-8827 to answer all questions 8 am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

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