Whirlpool Baths & Air Baths

Whirlpool Baths & Air Baths

Whirlpool Baths provide an aggressive deep tissue and joint massage. Beneficial in treating:

  • Muscle sprains
  • Damaged joints
  • Back Problems
  • Aches and pains

Air Baths provide a gentle, non-aggressive soft tissue massage. Benefits include:

  • Soothe the body
  • Boost cardiac output
  • Opens pores
  • Improves circulation

We often receive phone calls from people wanting to know the differences between a whirlpool bath and air bath. A lot is written on the differences between the two types of therapy tubs that is misleading, undocumented or inaccurate. We suggest anyone considering either product spend some time separating fact from fiction and deciding which type bath suits your needs.

The biggest difference between a whirlpool bath and air bath is the type of massage it provides. Whirlpool baths provide an aggressive deep tissue and joint massage. Whirlpools are often found in hospitals, athletic training room and physical therapy facilities. A whirlpool bath is extremely beneficial in treating muscle sprains, damaged joints, back problems and aches and pains that arise from time to time as we age. Both The New England Journal of Medicine and National Arthritis Foundation have recognized and endorsed the benefits of whirlpool baths (hydrotherapy) in the enhancement of circulation, which is very important to anyone suffering from the affects of arthritis and diabetes. Whirlpool baths provide high pressure massage.

Air baths provide a different type of massage than a whirlpool bath; it’s a non-aggressive soft tissue massage. The low pressure soft massage of an air bath is provided by millions of heated air bubbles that contact the skin after they are released from injectors that are placed in the bottom of the tub. Note: [manufacturers that drill holes in the bottom of the tub and refer to them as injectors are misleading the consumer; they drill holes instead of using costly injectors with check valves that keep water out of the air system to simply reduce costs.] The air bubbles that the blower produces sooth the body, boost cardiac output, open pores and improve circulation.

Sales people and marketing literature often mistakenly claim that an air bath is more sanitary than a whirlpool bath. NOT TRUE!!! If a whirlpool bath has rigid piping, is constructed to meet UL and National Plumbing Standards, as all Watertech baths do, then safe sanitary hygienic bathing is assured. The same applies to an air bath, if water tight injectors are used, not holes drilled in the tub bottom, and if piping not air channels carry the air, then safe hygienic bathing is provided. Finally there are significant differences in how companies manufacture their whirlpool and air baths and the products performance and quality can be drastically different although their appearances are often similar. Our website provides a lot of information on the differences and we suggest you review that information or call 1-800-289-8827 to speak with our technical staff. We are always ready to help you any way we can.

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