galvanized steel base

Watertech incorporates a galvanized steel base into the construction of all our tub floor

Watertech strives to provide the highest quality bath products on the market. Our unwavering commitment to excellence means using only top-quality components. There are several elements that separ...

ComponentsWhirlpool Bathtub Components

Whirlpool Bathtub Components

For maximum hydrotherapy all whirlpool jets need a supply of air. Ideally each jet should receive an equal amount of air. Watertech is the only manufacturer that installs a silent air injector at ...

ServiceWaterTech’s Unmatched Customer Service

WaterTech’s Unmatched Customer Service

WaterTech Bath Products, a family owned business owned by Peter Paduch and Andrew Paduch, made its first acrylic bath in 1985, Thirty – three years ago! Our business philosophy is pretty simple:  ...