Soaking Bathtub Heater

Sale price$399.00

Watertech's new soaking bathtub heater is designed to maintain the bathtub's water temperature between 102 F and 104 F and eliminates the bather having to constantly add hot water. The heating system is comprised of a patented suction inlet and outlet fitting, on/off control, super quiet pump, 1500 KW heater, 20-minute safety timer, and rigid PVC pipe that ensures the heating system drains 100% when the tub is emptied. Building codes require that an access area be constructed to service the heater. The heater comes with a standard chord and plugs into a 20amp GFIC protected circuit, U.L. recognized. 

Made in America.

Features and Specs

  • Maintains water temperature between 102°F and 104°F
  • Eliminates the need to constantly add hot water
  • Patented suction inlet and outlet fitting
  • On/off control for easy operation
  • Super quiet pump for a peaceful bathing experience
  • 1500 KW heater for efficient heating
  • 20-minute safety timer for added protection
  • Rigid PVC pipe ensures 100% drainage of the heating system when the tub is emptied
  • Compliance with building codes requiring an access area for servicing the heater
  • Standard chord included for easy installation
  • Plugs into a 20amp GFCI protected circuit
  • U.L. recognized for safety

Devices that claim to produce heat keeping the bathwater hot by friction have no scientific testing to verify that false claim. Click here for more info.

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