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Need a little more leg room than the average 60 inch bathtub provides? This 66 inch tub has it!

Why not take advantage of every inch of space you’ve got? The whirlpool bath 66x32 whirlpool bath was designed to allow maximum use of an in-between space. If you have an alcove or island space larger than 60 inches but not quite long enough for a 72 inch tub, this tub might be exactly what you need. For taller bathers or when stretching out for a relaxing whirlpool at the end of a hard day.

At 32 inches of width, this tub is perfect for remodelers looking to replace an older model tub but where an additional six inches of length is possible. Compared to bathing in an old 60 inch tub the 66x32 tub will make you feel like a King. Plenty of water depth and built in arm rests provide superior comfort and bathing security while the smooth top deck ensures ease of cleaning.

Not every bathroom has space for a 72 inch whirlpool tub so maximizing use of available space is critically important in tight quarters. Don’t settle for a 60 inch whirlpool when you can squeeze in a 66 inch long one. It’s not too big, not too small. The 66x32 is just right.

This tub is perfect for overhead shower alcove installation or it can be dropped into an island cabinet of tile or wood. With seven jets and a standard two horsepower pump this tub delivers big tub performance in limited space.

Made in America.

Tub Color: Biscuit

Features and Specs


  • Blower Size: 8 amp
  • Air Injectors: 25; Each injector has a built-in check valve to keep water from entering air lines
  • Purge Cycle: Activates automatically 20 minutes after blower is OFF. Dries remaining moisture in manifold and air lines formed during operation
  • Min/Max Water Capacity: 50/60 gallons
  • Includes on/off air switch
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Construction: Steel reinforced tub floor


  • Dimensions: 66 in x 32 in.
  • Shipping Weight: 143 lbs
  • Water capacity: varies according to size of bather

Physical therapy tubs may require additional space beyond its top perimeter for installation. ALWAYS measure tub before building tub cabinet.

6632 Air Tub Specification Sheet


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