A7236 Air Bathtub

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This jacuzzi style air bath is 6 feet long and 3 feet wide with a rectangular perimeter that allows a shower to be incorporated over the air bathtub. Watertech also has an oval model, 7236EOW that offers additional features. The A7236 air bathtub has an air jet for the bathers' back as well as numerous floor air jets. Two arm rests, soap and shampoo areas are molded into a durable scratch and fade resistant Lucite acrylic bathtub shell. The air bath has 24 watertight air injectors with 168 airports, which insure water never enters any part of the air system.

Made in America.

Tub Color: Biscuit

Features and Specs


  • Blower Size: 8 amp, Variable Speed, 300 Watt Heated Blower
  • Purge Cycle: Activates twenty minutes after bath is switched off. Dries lines, manifold and injectors
  • Electronic Controls
  • Air Injectors: 189 air ports from 27 injectors
  • Injector Locations: Floor and walls of bathtub
  • Injectors have integral watertight check valves
  • Manifold System: Manifold contains check valve protection. Water never enters any part of the air system. Tub shown with optional polished brass injectors.


  • Dimensions: 72 in x 36 in.
  • Water capacity: varies according to size of bather
  • Shipping weight: 153 lbs. 

Physical therapy tubs may require additional space beyond its top perimeter for installation. ALWAYS measure tub before building tub cabinet.



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